Every corner tells a story…

Tunisian culture is a product of more than three thousand years of history. Consequently, the architecture is a mixture of Roman, Islamic and french architecture.

What is most interesting about Tunisia is that it reflects the Arabic Islamic culture everywhere; in the city, the old buildings, the traditional clothes… and that’s what makes it special and unique.

the people:

Tunisian people are warmhearted and generous, even strangers could help each other in time of need, which i find really special and rare, i’m talking about strangers walking in the streets in the morning greeting each other saying “Salam”  (means peace)  even though they have never met each other before.

Going for walks down the city and observing has taught me a lot, i sometimes start a conversation with elderly people in public place and ask them about the country, they’d start telling me about the time of wars and stories of the city.


Medina, Sfax, 1/25/2017
Random watch shop in the Medina

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